rObert walters

Robert Walters announced their sponsorship of the British & Irish Lions ahead of their 2017 tour to New Zealand on October 5th, 2016.

The Ultimate Fan campaign began in February 2017, and aimed to ‘recruit’ the most passionate Lions’ fan in Great Britain and Ireland.  The winner would win two tickets and an all-expenses paid trip to New Zealand for the first test at Eden Park in Auckland.

Working with Robert Walters and Essentially, the campaign exceeded expectations and saw the winner of the competition become an internet sensation overnight.


The Ultimate Fan - Stuart Broad.

The Ultimate Fan - Stuart Broad.

LET THE CONTENT lead the way

During the final stage of a four-part campaign, a star was born.  Stuart Broad thought he'd been shortlisted to win the competition, so long as he held it together during an 'interview' at Robert Walters HQ in London.  However, what Stuart didn't know is that he was, in fact, the only one being interviewed that day, and what was anticipated to be a two-minute edit soon became six as Stuart exploded into life with a speech that would rival that of Jim Teller himself.



After a short teaser video with legendary former Lions Head Coach Sir Ian McGeechan, the campaign was launched by four brief 'call to action' videos featuring Robert Walters ambassadors Jonathan Davies, Richard Hill, Shane Horgan and Kenny Logan.  Each ambassador delivered lines to camera that directed those watching to the Robert Walters FaceBook page where they were to explain why they thought they were the British & Irish Lions Ultimate Fan.  As the deadline grew close, Sir Ian returned to remind the audience of what was at stake.

Despite all the shoots being simple, single camera setups in front of a Green Screen, we had as little as ten minutes with each of the ambassadors on the first 'call to action' shoot at a 6Nations preview event.




At his interview, Stuart faced a panel made up of David Flatman, Richard Hill, and Tom Shanklin; hardened rugby veterans now channeling the persona of much known British business Magnate.  Despite help from a devilishly satirical script, the panel were soon fighting to maintain their composure as Stuart, undeterred by the stoney faces and awkward questions became an overnight internet sensation.  

The video saw PR mentions in the Daily Mail, The Sun, Wales Online, NZ Herald & Sport Industry.  Stuart also made five broadcast appearances in New Zealand and was included in our documentary 'Lions Uncovered.'

The final video had over 1.5 million views and a reach of over 4.2 million.