Emis Health are a leader in connected healthcare software and services.  They provide every health sector with innovative technologies, from market-leading clinical management systems to health analytics tools.  

For over five years, we have been creating informative, engaging and fun animations that deliver key messaging in a way the connects personally to the consumer.

We work collaboratively with Emis on dozens of unique animations, respective of the product or service that they are launching, using the same character animation we established when we first worked with them.  This continuity of style has given the Emis films a unique identity and helps reflect their passion for supporting longer healthier lives.

Animation announcing the integration of EMIS, Ascribe, Digital Healthcare, Indigo4 and Rx Systems into one division - Emis Health.

A story through the eyes of a patient, Faz, showing Emis systems joined up healthcare improving patient outcomes across multiple touch-points.

Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (EPMA) systems aim to improve patient safety by reducing prescribing and administration errors that could result in medication errors and adverse drug events.